We sell products made by Sols-europe & B&C Collection which are members of Fair Wear Foundation.


Fair Wear Foundation’s mission is to improve labour conditions for the hundreds of thousands of workers involved making clothes for FWF member companies. Learn more about FWF at fairwear.org or click on the logo.


Let's represent Jesus every day in a fashionable way, if you find it hard to tell someone the gospel then instead you can wear 70x7 designs so you can show everyone that you live and glorify Jesus Christ and represent him unashamed!

All our garments are from manufacturers that are a part of the FairWear Foundation, so you can be sure that from cotton farm to your wardrobe, there has been no child labour, no forced labour and better rights for everyone involved.



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Representin' the King

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You can learn more about the Global Organic Textile Standard, to which some of our garments are made, here: global-standard.org


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